A New Dawn

The dawn of the new day of hope, love, and laughter for the whole world…rise up 2014!

A new dawn




Sufi Whirl

Manjari Chaturvedi is an amalgamation of beauty, talent, grace and elegance. She blends her Kathak dance with Sufism in such a poetic way that every time it led to a spellbound experience for an audience. She dances seamlessly. She is a soulful dancer. She is making an extraordinary effort by aligning her classic kathak dance with music of Awadh, Kashmir, Rajasthan, Punjab and going international as well.

For further details, http://www.sufikathak.com/






Performers – when the entire World is a stage

Treat under open sky

Treat under open sky

Open sky, shining sun, never ending water, soft breeze, tall shady trees and bushes…magical things happen to me in such surroundings that can’t be explained and one can only live through.



Sometimes, while sitting and doing nothing, you get to indulge into enthralling conversations with anything….it is weird and irrelevant at times but you just cannot help yourself.

A curious conversation with hang..errrrr  “Do you hang out often? Huh…is it normal?.. I’m nervous to hang out :p”

By the way how long does a hangover last!!! Perhaps last night extended hangover could be a reason of such innovative conversation.

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Pattern matters



I loved the positive vibes of Orange and Golden Yellow! Both are vibrant and full of energy. Hope warmth and electro-magnetic energy of these colors will flow in body to add good spirit and moods which shall bring good health and happiness around.

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