The Exhibits

Dreaming of a Discoverer…..
Where thought-desire River has a body
A body full of passion and emotion 
A mind full of wildest imagination
The naturalness and nakedness of one’s solitude
A relationship between solitude and togetherness
A fundamental, essential truth
And a mystical journey of the soul
A journey to serenity!

Elemental_Navneet_tiff 1

This photo was a part of  ELEMENTAL,  a Group Photo Exhibition by Photosensitive Alumni. November 20-24, 2013 at Open Palm Court Gallery, IHC, New Delhi.

I made above photo during a dance performance of Scottish Dance Theatre/ UK, Choreographed by Liv Lorent on 30th Oct 2012 at  Kamani, Copernicus Marg. This performance was a part of 6th Delhi International Art Festival (DIAF 2012)


NKA_L (Navtej Johar)

This Photo was a part of SPANDAN 2014 – A World Dance Photography Group Exhibition. April 25-May 05, 2014

I photographed this second one on 3rd Nov.2011 during a dance performance named as “Mango Cherry Mix”,  a collaborative dance work choreographed and performed by Navtej Johar (India/USA) and Hiroshi Miyamoto (Japan/Canada). It is an interracial duet between two Asian men, who seek to explore their cultural selves—their differences and similarities—in the presence of a “familiar” other.


Photo was a part of SPANDAN 2014 – A World Dance Photography Group Exhibition. April 25-May 05, 2014 

Above Dance form is Kudiyattam, a Ballet based Jatayuvadham from Ramayana part of an event “Shastra-Utsava: Celebrating the Textuality of the Kalamulasastra” was performed on 28th November, 2013 at the IGNCA Auditorium, New Delhi. Character “Sita” being played by: Saritha Krishnakumar


 The Handloom Weaver was photographed in Old Manali Village, Himachal Pradesh, 2012.

The Handloom Weaver_NKA_72dpi_srgb

Above photo was a part of Confluence’14, 2nd Edition (International Art Contest – Exhibition) – Painting &  Drawings | Photography | Sculptures | Prints, organized by Galerie Art Eterne at Art Konsult, F 209, Old MB Road, Lado Sarai Village, New Delhi (India). April 25th – May 1st, 2014

Made for kids by kids, Allahabad (Maha Kumbh), 27th Jan 2013.

NKA (4)

This photo of a child was a part of CRY Click Rights Photography Exhibition 2014 at two different places:

1. 23rd – 24th July – DLF Place, Saket, New Delhi, (India);

2. 25th – 27th July – DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, (India)

My first Photo-book: On The Road

“ON THE ROAD to initiatives of change” is a photo-story book featuring 35 lives around Jamshedpur (in the state of Jharkhand, Bihar and Orissa), photographed by NAVNEET KAUR AHUJA, authored by Deepa Adhikari and project by the TATA STEEL CO.

Photo book was unveiled at SNTI Auditorium, Bistupur, Tatanagar on Tuesday, 16th June 2015.

Tata MD TV Narendran, Tata VP Sunil Bhaskaran, Padma shri awardee leading woman tribal leader Tulasi Munda and other Eminent Industrialists from the city, as well as State Representatives honored the event their their presence.



NKA book launch_dainik jagran

NKA book launch_4

NKA book launch_3


NKA book launch_dainik bhaskar

NKA book launch_Prabhat khabar

NKA book launch_The telegraph


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