“Where is Toba Tek Singh?”

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Tuesday evening, the most famous story of “Toba Tek Singh” by Saadat Hasan Manto became so evident when Astad Deboo narrated the same through his moves.

Perhaps Manto’s story is one of the best story which clearly reveals the suffering that India-Pakistan partition caused and while seeing the performance of Astad in the skin of Toba Tek Singh’s character, my thought travelled to the land of Wagah border as if I could see Bishan Singh and another moment I shook my head realizing the power of literature and performance.


One thought on ““Where is Toba Tek Singh?”

  1. We don’t meet the main character until well into the story, when we’ve gone through an illustrative sequence of other lunatics. The narrator reports that everyone calls the main character “Toba Tek Singh” (though in the whole course of the story we never actually hear anyone doing so); but the narrator himself always refers to him by his full name, Bishan Singh. Does he do this pointedly, as a sign of respect, and to differentiate himself from the others? And when he seeks to interpret Bishan Singh’s outbursts, he always qualifies his suggestions with a respectful “perhaps,” to show that he is not privy to Bishan Singh’s inner life, but is only speculating.

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