Expanding learning…

I learnt significantly important thing yesterday, however it was just a first practical experience and yet to learn more. And I must say thanks to Mansi, Dinesh and Prashant.

Yesterday early morning Mansi and I started from our places to visit Ozone Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. IMT Manesar, Gurgaon (Haryana) to start with the final prints of, a photo exhibition titled “ICHHA” by Nazar Foundation for CRY in support of the Girl Child’s Right to Education.

While Naveen was busy with the final suggestive color corrections, Mansi quickly showed me a bunch of test prints and left me with the same and couple of wise words. Earlier last week, Mansi, Anshika and I did an exercise on layouts but we were perfectly wrong or rather I should say that was our idea of layout but we were far from the best output which we learnt from Prashant. The way he presented the new layout,we got to learn, what works best.

Anyhow for that moment, I kept stumbling upon all these test prints in my hands and scrutinized carefully on each one until I gained some understanding about print job, how different it looks when we see the photo on paper and then what works and what not in terms of color, tone, clarity and the whole feel of a photo and how many times we are required to re-do some steps to get the best output in hands.

Indeed it was a good insightful exercise throughout the day as Mansi, Naveen and I kept exchanging views on various photos before it went for final prints. While Naveen started applying necessary corrections, he didn’t stop himself to share some wisdom on color calibration between computer LCD and connected printer.

Later another wise man Dinesh joined in and final printing caught some real speed after his arrival only.  Overall exercise of seeing through layouts, test prints, corrections and validating the fine printing of each photo through a magnifying glass was a beauty. Here I shouldn’t miss to mention that Naveen who is doing this print job for us, is very passionate about his work, while Dinesh kept pushing him to press enter on the final print command, on the other hand Naveen kept giving smile to Dinesh and made many moves between the computer and the printer to re-check the last minute fine lines upon the test prints.

Wohaaaa, after a long wait, we all got to see some of the final prints in huge size of 6×4 feet each. It wasn’t an ordinary moment, we all were thrilled and in between Mansi couldn’t stop criticizing her work. Our excitement continued and now we wanted to see black and white after a series of color and we also wished to see our front panel….another Wow moment!!!

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With all above, it is hard not to have fun when we all are together. Cracking jokes, lunch and dinner served in between and not to forget bread pakoras, coffee, tea and biscuits. We didn’t miss out upon updating our facebook status. Mansi worked upon press release and some follow ups and Dinesh asked me to make a check list and a to-do. I laughed out loud thinking no more excel sheets. I am happy with my camera but then Dinesh said rightly, not to lose upon certain strong skills.

Photography is a passion which binds us together and most of us are busy with our individual fronts too and perhaps each one is having sleepless night and Dinesh perhaps managed to steal a powerful nap just for few seconds 😀 Mansi didn’t miss a chance to hold this moment in a camera…hahahaha but Mansi could managed it after 3-4 attempts and we realized that Dinesh is so sensitive to the camera even in his sleep 😉

We knew that it would be a long day and when we saw that everything is under control now, we closed at around 2 am midnight and took a cab back to home.

Even after a long tiring day, I didn’t feel tired rather felt happy to learn something new.

Now I wait for the Wednesday to revisit the same place again for the pending print jobs and then putting up each photo on the panels for the final show. That means another opportunity to learn….


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