Another diary from my travel : My cycle ride on ECR road


Heartfelt thanks to Suresh and Sudar Sir who took me out for an early morning ride on ECR road. Before that day my visit to Chennai only meant for work and coming back to home. But my fellow cycle friends added something new to my Chennai visit and now I feel if Chennai is my second home, not just a work place…perhaps am falling in love with the city.

We packed our cycles in Suresh’s car and Sundar Sir joined us at the toll. Luckily weather was also good after a little drizzling a day before.

I was pampered like a child and wished to sing, “aaj mein upar aasmaan niche”.

Truly inspired by them and declared a plan of a cycle ride to Pondicherry during my next travel to Chennai.

Paras Bednutha, thanks for joining in.

Datta Partha, it was pleasure meeting to you a day before the ride. I wish if you could also join. Anyhow next time I will plan my ride on Saturdayssssss only.

Wishes to have more fun rides….ImageImageImageImage


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