Ram Nath Sabita (Sen) and the secret of his JOY!!!


Monday, 12.03.12

After our two night stay at Taj Chandela we traveled to Orchha and without realizing that getting a hotel at the last minute would be a difficulty while the tourist season is about to end.

Somehow with a reference contact of our dear friend Pooja, we managed our booking at Orchha resort. There are only two good things about this resort –1. It is located completely away from the hustle bustle of town and 2. Ram Nath Sabita (Sen), a guard at the entrance of the resort.

As soon we stepped in, we all were greeted by Ram Nath Sabita (Sen) belongs to Gram Kadora, Post Ghatkota, Tehsil Mahuranipur (U.P.) now based at Orchha from the last 7 years. He was so warm and was keen to share about himself. We also felt so welcomed with his happy smile and happily stopped at the entrance to hear his story with utmost curiosity.

His personality is unique. He can sing national anthem of 9 different countries including India and others are Greece, Italy, Korea, Japan, China, Spain, France and Israel. He mentioned that since many tourists visit that place and while exchanging conversation in his own way, he managed to learn all these in their languages. He usually write these national anthems in hindi language with their help and would mugging up later on in his past time. Another good part was that he actually sings each one with full enthusiasm and then he salutes which also indicates his respect towards any national anthem.

I was happy to learn about him, his talent and the fact….where he is not required to do much rather than standing for the whole day welcoming visitors, he found his own interesting way to add some colors in his simple life. He mentioned that he feels happiest when travelers/tourists shares smiles because of his talent and he achieves fulfillment in his job …..what matters for him is  अतिथि देवो भवः;  where guest become God and his God should step in there in the resort with a wide open smile 🙂 and no desire of getting any recognition only an applaud from the visitors create difference for him.

Another fact is that how many guests will stop to hear him and for how long!!! Without stopping for longer time soon they will be hurried up to see the architectural beauty of the tourist city. But nothing stops him to get ready, attentive and to welcome for another guest/visitor with the same enthusiasm.

Common place, common people, simple things yet very beautiful.


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