My fun filled trip to Khajuraho

Tuesday, 13.03.12

I am back from a great fun filled holiday at Khajuraho (where we even got our driver named Khaju :D)

Every moment was an excellent one….from our train journey with stardust magazine gossip to rikshaw ride, jeep safari not only in the sanctuary even in surrounded village and then a loud musical road trip to Orcha ufff ufff ufff…

Meeting Vishnupati in full avataar swinging red rob while well seated in the jeep safari :p
In sanctuary all animals, birds, langoor, crocodile were amazed to see us and started whispering.

We had fun running, walking, jumping, stumbling all around… posing, dancing against temple’s statues where we have been even tagged as fine art students involve in a super fine project :p

And what not!!!

Not to forget that dive in the swimming pool with full clothes ON, traveling all the way to buy mahua from a tribal village inventing our own light and sound show (big secret not to reveal)…lol

Non-stop giggling, gossip, endless singing sessions from ek titli anek titliya via all melodious nos. golden era to moving to current genre..ufff ufff ufff
having bundelkhandi thali under open sky and breakfast on the rocks in the middle of the river and somewhere in between lost track upon our real names and tagged ourselves with sveety, guddu, pinky, b’lue, tannu and then moved to motu, vishnu, b’loo, haddi, sveety and then a leap took place and we were given new names earth, fire, space, air and water.

But our favorite remains motu, b’loo, haddi, vishnu and navigator alligator (which is me at last :p)

And at last haddi and navi….could manage to score some high fives in our formal classes too …we wish if we could have managed to extend by a day or two and we bet that we score 100% then…rofl

what a holiday…I have to say!!!! where are you girlsssssssssssssssVeenaMahimaPoojaPreeti …I love you all 😀


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